This green stone increases perception and creative insight, enhancing your creative talents, stimulating opportunities and motivation. The aventurine is protective and is used to strengthen mental powers and eyesight. It soothes emotions and is used for the heart and heartache, for acceptance of self and others, and for inner peace. Wear it over your heart to soothe a broken heart and also to ward off anxiety and fear.

Aids strength and courage, compels truth. Agates come in various colours, each one having a different energy, which resides within the agate. The blood-red agate lends strength, courage, longevity, love, healing, and protection. In ancient times agate was used to ensure that the earth would be plentiful and fertile. Use it in love spells for purity. There are five main types of agate:
Banded agate increases energy and eases stress.
Black agate offers courage and success in competitions.
Black and white agate guards against physical dangers.
Blue lace agate relieves stress and reduces family quarrels.
Green agate is worn to improve the health.

This golden yellow stone, which is worn to protect against psychic attacks, is an aid to furthering ambitions and lifting the spirits. In ancient times, they ground amber to a powder and mixed it with honey or oil of roses for various physical problems. Amber is perhaps the oldest substance used for human adornment. Its projective forces bring luck, healing, strength, beauty and love. It is not a stone but the fossilised resin of coniferous trees. It was once a living substance---sap---it was believed to contain the very essence of life itself. Amber has been used for nearly every purpose in magic and is highly prized for its talismanic powers for protection purposes.

Stone of Venus.
The energy of the amethyst, also called the stone of Venus, has a calming and soothing influence, which has the ability to transmute negative into positive. It’s very effective as a healing stone as it helps protect by, soaking up the negative feelings projected by others. It also aids in prophecy, increases spiritual awareness and guidance, and helps in purification and regeneration on all levels of consciousness.
It ranges in colour from light to dark purple and when placed on your third eye during meditation it has the ability to draw through forces directed towards the body and repels vibrations which the body doesn't need, thus releasing only the energy patterns beneficial to the body.
Sit quietly and take 3 deep breaths,
Begin to visualise your pain, send your pain to the stone, when you releases the stone release it will all hurt or upsets as well.
Then bury in the earth to absorb the hurt or throw into the ocean. The amethyst can also be worn to reduce nightmares or when awake, can reduce anger and impatience.

A light blue clear stone, the aquamarine is receptive it assists with inspiration. Help reduce fears and phobias, releases emotional trauma, and calm nervous tension. It has been known to be favorable for travellers, helping to protect against accidents. Aquamarine can be worn as a protective amulet to ensure good health. Hold or place it on your throat while breathing the blue light of the aquamarine into the body.

This beautiful deep blue stone is receptive and has long been used to increase psychic powers and ability, and to invoke spiritual guidance. It’s also good for remembering dreams. Hold one in your hand when trying to decide something about your future.

A favourite for healing, it renews and balances your energy when you are stressed, removing emotional blockages. It has magical powers for clearing energy for the physical and non-physical body. The bloodstone, which is green with red flecks, was also given to young girls at menarche, to remember the power of their blood. If you suffer from menstrual cramps, place it on your abdomen. It is also worn as a talisman to ward off stress. Because it is green, it is used in wealth, money and business spells.

This orange-red stone brings its owner joy and dispels apathy. It gives protection and energy, aids in concentration and helps stimulates the mind to aid in memory retention. In Ancient Egypt it was believed that it could promote peace and harmony, and was worn to prevent skin diseases and as a general health-inducer. The wish stone, as it is sometimes known also has the special virtue of fulfilling one’s wishes if the stone is worn near the heart.

This pale yellow clear stone stimulates openness and awakens the mind. It encourages tremendous healing on the emotional and mental levels, helps unblock subconscious fears, and serves as a natural relaxant. It also develops self-discipline, enhances self-esteem, manifests creativity, and supports self-will. Some associate citrine with money and abundance. The citrine is projective, meaning it can be carried for protection. You can also put it into your purse or wallet, or anywhere you put money, to promote abundance.

This stone, which comes in various shades of purple, green and blue, accesses the visionary mind, bringing spiritual ideas into an earthly experience. It’s a powerful stone to connect with spirit guides. It also protects from interference from other energy forces, enhances concentration and meditation, balances the mind and it increases its mental powers. It’s also considered to bring good luck. Holding it while meditating helps to manifest your innermost wish.

This stone enhances self-esteem, alleviates bad dreams, encourages success in business, and is thought to assist in seeing into past incarnations. It also stimulates happiness, peace, balance, patience, inspiration, and persistence. The garnet, which is a deep fiery red ranging from orange-red to pink-red, is projective and is used for healing. It promotes a healthy and cheery disposition and is good for mental depression. Garnets were once exchanged by parting friends to ensure they met again and they will ensure consistency in friendship. The garnet is worn or used in magic to enhance the body’s power by strengthening the aura and creating a shield of protection for its wearer.

This heavy, black metallic stone, also known as the worry stone, is very strong. It absorbs negativity, drawing illness away from the body. Calming to the emotions, it is considered a grounding stone that helps maintain a balance between body, mind, and spirit. It alleviates worry and anxiety, allowing for mental clarity. Hold a piece of hematite and ask a question and the answer will come to you. You can also wear it as an amulet for strength and courage and used for successful outcomes in legal judgments.

Herkimer Diamond
Balancing. A Special variety of quartz crystal. The herkimer diamond, also known as the dream crystal, works with yin/yang energies and aids in bringing teachings from the dream state. This clear-coloured crystal helps you attune spiritually. It enhances visualisation, astral travel and dream recall, as well as amplifying and storing thoughts. Place under your pillow to gain insights to life’s problems and helps you remembering your dreams.

This most sacred creamy green stone is a symbol of divine revelation, bringing good fortune and prosperity to its owner. It stimulates practicality and wisdom, and is thought to provide a link between the spiritual and the mundane. Jade was and is a sacred stone in China, revered by the Chinese for its bestowal of good fortune and longevity. Jade also encourages dream work. Place it under your pillow to achieve emotional balance by accessing your higher guidance through your dreams.

Used to safeguard personal independence, jasper is said to bring inspirational warnings when there is danger of unfair domination from others. It aids and comforts during distress, and helps balance emotions. There are three basic types of jasper:

Red jasper is projective and is worn to protect and guard. It sends negativity back to its source.
Green jasper is receptive and is a healing stone. It can be worn to promote sympathy for others with emotional or mental problems.
Brown jasper is receptive and is used for grounding and centering ones own self. If you live with your head in the clouds, wear brown jasper to ward off danger.

This transparent or translucent stone never needs cleaning or clearing as it doesn't accumulate or retain negative energy vibrations. This mineral's energy is unlimited in its applications, thus making it one of the best stones for doing alignments to the body. It aligns the chakras automatically and immediately, with no conscious direction. It can also be used to 'open the chakra', and can also, consciously, direct the energy to align the emotional, intellectual, physical, ethereal, and astral bodies. It brings tranquility and a calming effect to the whole being, stimulates communication and psychic awareness on all levels, and dispels anger and frustration. Kyanite helps facilitate meditation as its energy is accessible, gentle, and balancing. Place it under your pillow to help when accessing the astral plane, connecting with one's guides, recalling dreams, and dream solving.

Lapis Lazuli
Deep blue in colour with flecks of real gold, this is the stone of Isis, an ancient Egyptian Goddess. Prized for its prophetic capabilities, it is an uplifting stone and will boost your psychic awareness and promote gentleness in the wearer. It stimulates and strengthens the mind and body to spiritual awareness. It also aids with success, helping to utilize your talents and expand awareness of the intellect, and with spoken communication. When worn next to the skin, it shelters the wearer like a shield, healing and strengthening.

Called a magic stone, malachite is favorable for travellers, and other adventurers. It stimulates clear vision and insight, represents hope and inner peace, and is believed to protect wearers from danger. It increases abundance in all areas of life. This stone, which is banded in brilliant, varying shades of green, supposedly has equal amounts of negative and positive forces (or energy?), thereby adding to the balance of physical and spiritual life. It is used to release repressed emotions and for physical detoxing. It rapidly absorbs undesirable energies, including radiation from computers and television. Place some in the four corners of a room to cleanse it of toxins. You need to clean malachite frequently---daily if possible! It can be used as a child's talisman to help them sleep soundly and protect them from bad dreams.

Moonstone is the stone of Goddess energy. It is a translucent milky with tints ranging from white-yellow to blue-grey, in blue, white, or pink opalescent shades. It aids in bringing forth memories of past lives, and can be carried as a good luck piece and for protection while traveling over water. It also promotes unselfishness, and opens the heart to humanitarian love and hope. It’s good for premenstrual symptoms, and it regulates moods and enhances feminine energies.

Moss Agate
This translucent stone with flecks of green is believed to bring the wearer happiness and wealth and also assists in making and keeping friends. It aids in the restoration of energy, and is used in healing. It increases the ability to ward off self-induced anger and inner bitterness. There are three varieties:
Moss green balances emotional energy.
Moss red balances physical energy.
Blue lace gives tranquility.

Obsidian is a naturally occurring glass; it is simply lava that cooled so fast that the minerals contained within didn't have time to form. The ancient Aztecs fashioned it into mirrors. In Mexico obsidian is still fashioned for scrying tools. For some, the blackness of the stone allows easier contact with the subconscious mind, promoting awareness. It is projective and is used for grounding, absorbing dark energy and converting it to white light.

This light green clear stone is receptive and protective, and promotes health, wealth and sleep. It is used to counteract negative emotions and to the spirit, calming and dispelling fears. It is also used in wealth-attracting spells and is worn or carried for general healing purposes. It was once worn as a means of gaining foresight and divine inspiration.

A pink stone with black highlights, rhodonite is used to activate love, attracting or keeping a loving partner. It balances yin-yang, and helps achieve your highest potential within relationships. Considered the other heart stone, it will help with building self-esteem and confidence in love. It strengthens mantras, chanting, affirmations, singing, and toning. It also inspires you when you’re feeling down. Place it on your third eye to activate intuition.

Considered the stone of power, quartz is used for harmony, and to amplify both body energy and thought. It can be used to facilitate receiving information from the spiritual world, masters, and teachers. It stimulates positive thought and healing. There are four main types of quartz:

- Clear quartz
The clear type amplifies energy, deeply cleansing the aura. It is used to tap into universal energy, intensifying all types of energy. It promotes clarity and wisdom, and amplifies healing energy. It is used to help draw out pain and is a good stone for meditation. Cleanse regularly. It is very potent when worn to protect you from negative forces or vibrations.

- Rutillated quartz
A powerful electrical conductor, this stone amplifies energy, thoughts, and can be programmed for healing. Intensifies and deepens altered states. It is clear in colour with metallic, golden rutile, copper, or blue-grey fiber 's. Use it in meditation to enhance clairvoyance and telepathy.

- Smoky quartz
This smoky brown-black stone helps to overcome depression, nightmares, and stress. The clearer the stone(without any inclusions) the more powerfully it can open the crown chakra, inducing alpha and deep meditation. It is used for channeling and higher guidance. In ancient times it was also used to stimulate the meridians and the kundalini.

- Rose quartz
The ultimate love stone, this light to medium milky pink stone aids in the development of self-love and compassion, intuition and emotional balance. It reduces stress and tension, and cools hot tempers. It has vibrations of universal love and inner serenity. It comforts the heart from all wounds, helps heal emotional pain, and enhances love, and a positive outlook. Wear or carry it for love, fidelity and happy marriage. Place it on your heart to soothe the heart energy.

The stone of success in all endeavours, topaz aids in restoring physical energy and emotional calm, protecting one against external stresses. It has been used to help insomnia and depression as it’s a mood elevator. It also stimulates creative thinking processes and is instrumental in being able to visualise new projects which manifest in the physical world. It will make melancholy vanish when worn on or carried in the left hand. There are two varieties:
Blue: alignment with our higher self, creative expression, and writing.
Clear gold : Attracts Abundance
Light blue: Aids in communication

Supercharged with magnetic and electric energy, receptive tourmaline is worn to promote astral projection and also works as a protective shield. It consumes negative energy without releasing into the atmosphere. It allows for visions and seeing with compassion, teaching us to expand limited concepts of thinking. Wearers become more flexible and understanding. It comes in a number of colors, each of which has its own specific uses:
Pink tourmaline is receptive, drawing love and friendship and promoting sympathy for others.
Red tourmaline is projective and is worn to lend energy to the body and promote courage.
Green tourmaline is receptive and is used to attract money and success in business. It will also stimulate creativity.
Blue tourmaline is receptive and will destress you, promoting peace and a restful sleep.

Turquoise, which comes in shades of blue ranging from deep sky blue to greenish Chinese turqoise, is receptive and is a sacred stone to many Native American tribes. It promotes courage, friendship, healing and luck. A piece of turquoise is a required tool in the Apache shaman's medicine or power bag. This protective stone helps ward off danger and clears one’s path of pitfalls. It is excellent for both spiritual alignment and the healing of the energy centres and the physical body. It’s also valuable for grounding as well as for vision quests and astral travel. It purifies all levels of being and is capable of handling strong negativity which it absorbs, protecting the wearer from the evil eye. Place it on your brow for psychic connection to a higher power. Wearing turquoise can also speed the healing process.