“Cleansing is an important part of the
magical process and essential to
all areas of a well being practice.”

We are energetic beings .
Either consciously or unconsciously we are energetically connecting to others and situations all the time.
Unless we consciously disconnect from these attachments they stay in place once made.
It is like wandering through life with a tap leaking your life force to feed past situations and people with whom you have had a connection. This stream is two way so you are also absorbing energy from the past and present connections.

The energy flowing into the past moment can be maintaining the flow on of a future event which is out of your control and not something you want anymore.
To rediscover what we hold to be true and sacred we must cleanse ourselves and our environments on a regular basis.
Especially proceeding any type of manifestation or ritualistic process.

Cleansing our environment with the aid of fire, water and air is an act of life renewal and a timeless purification ritual which nature undertakes and we mimic .It also drives away negative energy which sits like dust within our personal and environmental vibrational space.

Negative energy can build up slowly over time or be suddenly introduced and can cause tension, an increase in arguments or prevent sleep .It can also contribute to a heavy atmosphere within the home or workspace.

Vibrational cleansing

“When we are ready to let go and use our intention within a physical act such as cleansing we are sending a clear message Into the quantum field of consciousness”

Tools Required

+ Smudge in what ever form feels right to you. { White sage, palo santo, incense, resins, bush plants etc}

“This is your experience and intention and you need to make it your own.”

+ Household cleaning equipment.( Easier to shift old energy from an environment that is physically clean}.

+ Instrument to stir and move the energy .Drum , bells, clap sticks, didge .
“Again, whatever feels right and calls to you”.

To Begin
Centre yourself in preparation for the job like you would any other task and ask for support in what you are about to do.

Steps to take
1. Plan the process and what you wish to achieve.

2. Clean keeping the intention in focus.

3. Smudge all areas of the environment and yourself with smoke envisioning your intention moving into and through the space relinguishing all connections and contracts which you no longer wish to carry forward in your life .

You may wish to use sound vibrations also to apply your unique prayer and intention.

4. Step 2 . The Universe doesn't like a vacuum . So Claim the space by Visualising the room or your energetic field filling with what you want in your life, for example good health, prosperity,love etc. If you don't claim it some one else will.

5. If you like represent this also as an object. It may be a symbol such as a candle ,crystal,art piece etc.

6. Finish by giving gratitude to any and all energies which have participated and continue to give guidance and support .